Honey Moon: An uncommon cure for the cold

It’s safe to say deck and patio season is over. We’re seeking warmth, Dayquil, and shelter from the storm. If summer is prime time for breweries, Honey Moon is a warm, cozy refuge of winter goodness. Mead is a fermented honey beverage believed to be the oldest alcoholic drink in the world. Honey Moon is one of thirteen meaderies in Washington.

The entrance is tucked away in an alley (the very alley, by the way, that was named the best in town in last year’s Best of Drunk Bellingham survey). Inside is a narrow, high-ceilinged space with brick walls and copper-topped bar and tables. Large windows at the back of the room peek into the back room where mead and cider are made.

Detecting my sniffles, Don, the bartender, fixed me a hot mug of straight mead (formerly Lover’s Mead) combined with the orange and wassail flavors ($7). It wasn’t terribly sweet, and had a distinct honeyed bite. My friend tried a cyser, cider combined with the mead of your choice – in this case, wassail. They also have wine and bottled beer from local breweries.

If you want a snack to go with your mead (and you should – at roughly 14% ABV this stuff is potent), there are small plates and platters for sharing. The soup of the day, lentil coconut curry, sounded delicious, but our empty bellies demanded something more substantial. Macaroni and cheese came hot from the oven in a ramekin, was creamy and satisfying with a bite from dry mustard and white pepper. The small sandwich offering of the day ($7) was chicken with habanero jack cheese and roasted pepper pesto, grilled like a panini and about half the size, was  excellent, with lingering spice. Both came garnished with apple slices and marcona almonds.

We ordered a flight of drink offerings, which was served in what Don said was a repurposed boxcar floorboard. He could have completely made that up, but it was a pretty presentation regardless. Here are the highlights of the tasting:

  • Ciderhead: Crisp, quite dry and light
  • Cyser with mead: Well balanced, tasted more like a traditional cider than the ciderhead
  • “Straight” mead: Floral cloying honey notes- sweet with a flowery character
  • Orange mead: Orange blossom, floral, light, honey, would work well in a cyser
  • Wassail mead: Like fireball for grownups – light sweet and spicy warm goodness

Moving through the produce department . . .

  • Blueberry mead: Sparkly, slight apple cider vinegar, long-lasting fruit-loop finish, perfumy- slight effervescence – blueberry perfume at first, blueberries off the vine after
  • Raspberry mead: A favorite. Acidic, vinegary, tart- tart acidic, would make the best cyser
  • Strawberry mead: Jammy, tart, with big strawberry nose. Fruit bomb! Slightly effervescent
  • Sangria: Fruity, fresh-balanced, warm and orangey

Where to buy: Besides the tasting room, Honey Moon products are available in bottles at

Barkley Haggen

Meridian Haggen

Sehome Haggen

Community Food Co Op – Downtown

Community Food Coop – Cordata

The Market at Lakeway


Elizabeth Station

Cornwall Corner Store

Terra Organica